New Era

Protoblock is the first blockchain gaming company for fantasy football. A new era of fantasy football began with the launch of the first ever blockchain based fantasy football game for 2015. The upcoming 2016 season will take this one step farther with our new mobile apps, and much, much more.

Our Mission

Protoblock is on a mission to create a new fantasy economy, were traditional fantasy football skill is valued above all. We combine our passion for fantasy football with our software development expertise.

At Protoblock, we believe fantasy football is a skill, and our experts deserve to be recognized and rewarded like sports or movie stars.

  • Fantasy Football players mimic the role of a real NFL general managers.
  • 50 million people play fantasy.
  • Fantasy generates more revenue than the entire NFL.


Our Founders rookie fantasy season.

The story begins at Bloomberg L.P. headquarters in New York, on the eve of the annual computer programmers fantasy football auction draft. Our founder, Jay Berg, joined the league as a last minute filler. As a complete newbie, Jay had a terrible draft and found himself 0-1, going into week two, when he made the trade of the century:

Traded away RB Jamal Anderson

a consensus RB1, and ranked #12 overall pre-season rankings

Received QB Kurt Warner

An aging backup QB, of waiver wire, only 16 career snaps going into

The trade was initially rejected by the commissioner

after outcry from other owners that the newbie is giving away a top player for nothing! He did get it done, and the rest is history…

  • Anderson tore his ACL in week 2 and ended the season with 59 rushing yards.
  • Warner ended the season as the #1 fantasy QB with one of the best fantasy QB performance in NFL history.

After an intense studying of the game, Jay quickly realized that this was a game of skill. His optimal strategy was to take as much risk as possible, to counteract his lack of skill! He made it to the championship game, but ultimately lost, and earned $0 in the winner-take-all prize pool. Here we glimpse at the intricacies of skill and luck in fantasy football.

  • Skill puts you in position to take advantage of luck.
  • Luck can make even the most skilled player a net loser.

Blockchain invented.

Fast forward 10 years to the invention of the blockchain, and the revelation that value can be created merely via consensus of peers. Professional Season Long Fantasy Football players can now be rewarded with real value, simply by demonstrating their skills, knowledge and expertise. The value is bestowed on them by the 50 million amateur players, who use this data to make better picks in their fantasy football games.

Getting closer

April 15 – Fantasybit protocol whitepaper released

2015 Game Launch

September 7th - NFL Week 1 - Level1 Projection Game Launch - mac, windows

NFL Week 15 - Level2 Trading Game Launch - mac, windows


April 15: Protoblock brand introduced

Pre NFL Draft: 2015 official Fantasy bit results and leaderboard.

Coming Soon: Protoblock 2016 season prediction game.

September 1st: Protoblock 2016 Launch. mac, windows, ios, android


Jay Berg

Founder CEO

Jay Berg, aka ~JayBNY, founded Protoblock (formerly Satoshi Fantasy) in 2013 combining his four key passions: fantasy football, coding, high-frequency trading and blockchain technology. Prior to founding Protoblock, Jay spent 20+ years developing, designing and delivering complex software solutions with a focus on electronic exchanges, high-frequency trading, alpha-modeling, crytocurrency exchanges and proprietary trading groups. Jay was a Quant Developer at Fortress Investment Group, a Senior Developer of the Bloomberg Terminal, an Advisor and Core Developer for Factom, as well as other Blockchain startups. Jay holds a Masters of Financial Engineering from Baruch College of the City University of New York, is a former NASD Registered Series 7 Representative, as well as a former NFA Registered Series 3 Commodity Pool Operator. He has been a passionate Fantasy Football player for over 15 years, and a 2013 FFPC-Footballguys Players Championships, League Champion.